ACC Guwahati Overview

A comprehensive online mentoring program by the best team of mentors from India!

Assam Coaching Centre, one of the best institutions in India coaching and mentoring thousands of youths for competitive examinations, skills development, personal development. We take pride in having successfully contributed to nation building albeit, in a small way.


Vision & Mission

  • To become a renowned institution producing eminent and responsible citizens for the society. To give hope and opportunity to aspirants from various socio-economic backgrounds to realize their dream of becoming a successful and productive person.
  • To provide meticulous and focused training to the aspirants to succeed in competitive examinations. To create an environment where the students have access to all that is required to prepare for the competitive examinations effectively, efficiently and enthusiastically by ensuring them with excellent coaching and finest study materials.

Social Responsibility


Education for All- No one shall left behind

We, like so many others, believe that education is a basic human right. The reality is that there are so many roadblocks preventing hundreds of millions of people from getting access to the world’s repository of knowledge.

Join our mission on educating all the children of Assam and Northeast (both in Digital and offline mode of education).


Building dreams and Nurturing Youths

All people in this world have dreams and attempt to be constant in achievement of their goals or dreams. We as social beings are affected by society, family and by each other but children are mainly affected by their parents, peer groups, school and teachers.

Their personality gets finally shaped up by their experiences they encounter in their day to day life. Join our mission on nurturing youths of Assam and Northeast and empowering them to make their dream a reality.


Activism for Better

Constructive Activism consists of efforts to promote, direct, or intervene in social, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good.

We are committed to support citizens to promote/pursue such non-political issues such as Gender, social inclusion, arts and culture, environment and heritage.